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Bioarchaeology and Biogeochemistry Lab

Directed by Dr. Danielle Kurin, the Phillip Lee Walker Bioarchaeology and Biogeochemistry Lab is dedicated to the analysis of human remains from archaeological, historic, and forensic contexts primarily in North and South America. We employ a multi-disciplinary, social bioarchaeological approach to inform on the bodily impacts of calamities and hardships. In particular, group members investigate how individuals, segments of society, and whole populations are often variably impacted –and recover from—tumultuous phenomena such as state collapse and environmental degradation.

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  1. Portable X-ray Flourescence Spectrometer »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    For geochemical and compositional analysis, the Lab uses a new Bruker Tracer III-SD portable XRF. This instrument allows us to conduct non-destructive surface analysis of ancient materials. While traditionally this approach has been used to assess obsidian, metals, and ceramics, group members are currently investigating is applicability for ancient human hard and soft tissue. The Lab has the capacity to assay materials on a fee-per-sample basis. Contact us to inquire.