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Other Analytical Core Instruments

Instrument types

Measurement Tools

  • pH Meter: pH range of 0 to 14
  • Shimadzu analytical balance: Min. display : 0.1 / 0.01 mg; Weighing capacity : 220 / 82 g
  • Shimadzu Top Loading Balance : Min. display of 0.01 g; Weighing capacity of 300 g

Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

  • Biometra T3000 Thermocycler (PCR): three protocols can be run at the same time
  • DNA Gel Electrophoresis
  • Gel cutting station, equipped with a UV lamp to view DNA and/or extract it from an agarose gel
  • Gel documentation: G:Box ichemiXR for documentation of chemiluminescence western blots, protein, RNA and DNA gels
  • Gene Pulser Xcell Electroporation: recommended for electroporation of mammalian cells, bacteria and fungi
  • Water bath digital 5L/10L control temperatures range from ambient to 100oC. For heat-shock and other applications
  • The XCell4 SureLock ™ Midi-Cell: Protein electrophoresis of up to four gels
  • Homogenizer: IKA T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX for tissue grinding and/or cells homogenization
  • Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor FPLC (cold room) – for size exclusion, ion and/or affinity chromatography
  • Low Pressure Chromatography (room temperature) – affinity chromatography
  • Innova 44/44R Stackable Incubator Shakers – Three high capacity orbital shakers with control (4 - 80 °C)
  • High Speed Centrifuge Sorval RC 6 plus, max speed 20,000 rpm
  • Refrigerated Swing Bucket Centrifuge, Sorvall Legend RT+
  • Milli Q water purification system – two grades of water: buffer grade and molecular biology grade
  • Fume Hood
  • Precision Low Temperature Incubator (model 146E) - precise temperature control over the -10°C to 60°C range
  • Incubator Isotemp 600 - operates at temperatures ranging from 30°C to 75°C
  • Refrigerated centrifuge Legent Micro 17R
  • Hybridization Oven
  • Cold Room
  • Colony Counter
  • Vortex, Hot-plates, stir-plates, rotators
Technical Primary Contact:
Jen Smith

Access Procedure: 
Trained users will have keycard access to the lab and will be able to book and use the analytical instruments. For ease of management, molecular biology instruments located in the BNL are also part of the Analytical core. Researchers can also engage BNL staff to perform basic molecular biological experiments such as recombinant protein expression. Cost will be on a project-by-project basis and will include staff man-hours, materials used and instrument recharges.
Steps to Use Equipment
  1. Contact BNL staff to get trained on the instrument.
  2. Apply to CNSI for electronic door access to the facility.
  3. BNL Staff will add you to the FBS reservation system.


Access available to the following: