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Knot Cluster (knot)

Instrument types
Allowed Users
Highly Parallel (MPI jobs of 10's of cores, e.g. 48 core)
This is a campus-available cluster.  For assistance in using it, see the Associated Staff page for a local IT Staff member who can help you use it.
If you publish papers, or give talks, on research that used this system, please acknowledge the "Center for Scientific Computing at UCSB" and NSF Grant CNS-0960316, as it is these two organizations that made this system possible!
Technical Details
Knot consists a number of systems to serve different computational needs:
  • 84 SL390 nodes of dual Intel X5650 six core processors, with 48GB and Infiniband Interconnect.
  • Three  DL580 nodes with 4 Intel X7550 eight core processors and 1TB of RAM.
  • One DL580 nodes with 4 Intel X7550 eight core processors and 512GB of RAM.
  • 12 NVIDIA M2050 GPUs in SL390 nodes with X5650 six core processors
  • 60 TB of usable high performance storage
  • Login node
  • Test node for debugging and development work
Technical Primary Contact:
Paul Weakliem