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Make / Model : 
Anderson Hull with 150 Hp Evinrude outboard motor

22-foot center console Anderson hull with a 150 Hp Evinrude outboard motor. Equipment includes: Furuno GPS, 2500ft fathometer, VHF marine radio, compass, EPIRB and 12V DC power outlet. The boat can hold up to 22 SCUBA tanks (7 along the rails, 3 in the hold, and 12 in a tank rack) and is capable of cruising at 25 knots with 5 divers and gear. Maximum load capacity is 1,700 lbs. It has an 80-gallon fuel tank giving the boat an operating range of 200 miles. A 12V DC pinch wheel and up to 200 m of line can also be attached to deliver and retrieve oceanographic equipment. A 100-gallon live tank can be added onto the deck for organism collection. The dual axle trailer allows the boat to be launched from a range of harbors and hoists.

Technical Primary Contact:
Christoph Pierre

Access Procedure: 
Faculty, Staff, Graduate and Undergraduate students may become certified to pilot departmental boats after submitting the following to the Launch Master: 1. Written statement from the Grant PI requesting that you become a UCSB certified boat operator to captain boats under the auspices of the grant. Please include the grant title and EEMB 4 digit recharge #. 2. Photo copy of your small boat handling certificate or equal document. 3. Documentation that confirms that you have current First Aid, CPR, and Oxygen administration. 4. Written confirmation from a UCSB certified boat operator(s) that you have completed 12 mainland or 16 island trips in their presence where you have been the primary operator of the boat. After submitting the necessary paperwork a boat "check-out" by the Launch Master must be completed to demonstrate that you have mastered all the idiosyncrasies of operating a UCSB vessel.
Access available to the following: