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Solution State NMR Spectrometer 600MHz

Instrument types
Make / Model : 
Varian Unity Inova 600 MHz (actively shielded)

These spectrometers located in Chemistry and Biochemistry are equipped with multiple solution-state NMR probes for direct or indirect detection of 1H/19F and low frequency nuclei such as 13C, 31P, and 15N.

The 600MHz is also equipped with a cryoprobe. The state-of-the-art, cryogenically cooled probes provide significantly enhanced 1H and/or 13C sensitivity relative to room temperature probes, reducing experiment time up to 20 fold and making it possible for the detection of small-quantity of material. The high-field spectrometers along with the cryoprobes are ideal for biomolecular protein NMR. It is also being used for challenging small molecule projects, such as studies of low-quantity of natural products. 
Technical Primary Contact:
Hongjun Zhou

Access Procedure: 

All instruments are user operated and are open to all researchers and students with proper training. Instructions for training are the following link

Training is offered throughout the year to prospective users in group sessions and mostly experiment or technique focused, hands-on individual sessions.