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Resonant Scanning Confocal

Make / Model : 
Leica SP8

The new fast resonant scanning Leica SP8 confocal microscope is a high-tech powerhouse. The resonant scanning unit allows confocal images at 28 frames per second full-frame, and faster for smaller images. It is equipped with a cryo-incubator stage allowing stable temperature control from -2°C to 50°C enabling live real-time long time-lapse imaging. The HyD detectors have increased sensitivity and a special cooled HyD detector enables FCS (Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy) experiments.

For excitation sources there is a 405 nm laser, an argon laser with several standard laser lines, and the white-light laser that can supply up to 8 simultaneous laser lines between 470-670 nm. With the fully spectral detection system this allows full compatibility will all visible light fluorescence dyes.

This system includes a full complement of objectives: 5x air, 10x air, 20x multi-immersion, 40x water with motorized correction collar, 63x glycerol, 63x oil.

Technical Primary Contact:
Ben Lopez