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Valentine Group Equipment

The Valentine Group occupies laboratory space in Woodhouse (rooms 2009 and 2013) and the Marine Science Building (room 1003) and office space in adjacent Webb Hall (room 2029).

Equipment and instrumentation in the Valentine lab includes

  • Shimadzu gas chromatographs (models 14A and 8A, equipped with flame ionization detectors or thermal conductivity detectors)
  • Agilent 3000 microGC thermal conductivity detector gas chromatograph
  • Peak Labs gas chromatograph (PP1) equipped with a reduction gas analyzer (for H2 and CO)
  • Trace Analytical gas chromatograph equipped with a reduction gas analyzer (for H2 and CO)
  • 2 Picarro CRDS (Cavity Ring Down Spectrometers) for CO2 and CH4 carbon isotopes
  • Hewlett Packard 5890 series II gas chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector
  • Monitor Instruments linear cycloid mass spectrometer
  • Shimadzu 6A HPLC gradient system equipped with a UV/VIS detector
  • Seabird water sampler rosette/CTD (6 × 6L bottles)
  • Sentinel Workhorse 300 kHz ADCP
  • Oxygen respirometer for microbial cultures
  • New Brunswick BioFlo fermentor with a 10 L vessel
  • Custom hydrogen stripping fermentor
  • Hungate-style gassing stations for anaerobic microbiology
  • Coy labs anaerobic chamber
  • Autoclave Engineers impelled and jacketed pressure vessel for microbial cultivation at 100+ atm
  • Eppendorf gradient cycler
  • Microflourometer
  • Gel documentation station
  • 17 cu ft Thermo Ultra-low (-80oC) Temp Freezer
  • 2 NBS Innova stackable incubators (and additional non-shaking incubators)
  • Beckman model 6500 liquid scintillation counter