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Proteum Diffractometer

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Biological Crystallography: The Proteum diffraction system combines a Microstart Cu rotating anode and 3-axis platform diffractometer. The generator has 2.7 kW anode power loading on a 100 µm focal spot. Together with the multi-layer optics, it can 
provides ultra-high intensity: up to 8 x 1010 X-rays/mm2 –sec. The system is equipped with an Oxford 700 cryostream. It is ready for data collection from protein crystals or other biological samples. It also can be used collect data from organic and inorganic crystals which have micron size or large unit cell, and for chirality determination of organic molecules in absence of heavy atoms.
Technical Primary Contact:
Guang Wu

Access Procedure: 

To schedule an experiment, users should contact the lab staff.  Periodically, the X-ray lab organizes group training in instrument operation and data analysis.  Individual training is also available upon request.  

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