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Agilent TapeStation

Make / Model : 
Agilent 2200

The TapeStation, similar to the Agilient Bioanalyzer, is used for analysis of RNA and DNA to obtain size distribution and concentration estimates. Analysis of different nucleic acids are performed on different Analysis ScreenTapes. Each ScreenTape has 16 lanes* for samples and ladder and unused lanes can be stored at 4ºC to be used later (within 2 weeks):

  • D1000 ScreenTape : 25 to 1000 bp dsDNA;
  • Genomic DNA ScreenTape : 200 to > 60,000 bp dsDNA
  • RNA ScreenTape: Total RNA from eukaryotic or prokaryotic

* Lanes are ran in pairs so total number of samples and ladder (1 lane, not needed for RNA) has to be an even number per run.

Access Procedure: 

Trained users will have keycard access to the lab and will be able to book and use the analytical instruments. For ease of management, molecular biology instruments located in the BNL are also part of the Analytical core. Researchers can also engage BNL staff to perform basic molecular biological experiments such as recombinant protein expression. Cost will be on a project-by-project basis and will include staff man-hours, materials used and instrument recharges.

Steps to Use Equipment
  1. Contact BNL staff to get trained on the instrument.
  2. Apply to CNSI for electronic door access to the facility.
  3. BNL Staff will add you to the FBS reservation system.


Access available to the following: