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This website was created in collaboration with the UC Santa Barbara Office of Research and campus Sustainability Office, with additional support from the Materials Research Laboratory. It is intended to bridge all departments on campus, and provide resources for interdisciplinary collaboration both on and off campus.
Questions regarding a specific instrument should be directed to its Technical Primary Contact.
Questions, comments or suggestions regarding the Shared Instrumentation website should be directed to
For more information regarding partners of the Shared Instrumentation website visit the following:
  • The Office of Research, which promotes outstanding research at UC Santa Barbara.
  • The Materials Research Laboratory, who serves as the innovation engine for discoveries in new materials. 
  • UCSB Sustainability, which helps foster a “culture of sustainability” through supporting campus-wide sustainability efforts, coordinating program development, and publicizing the sustainability work of staff, faculty and students- our greatest renewable resource. 
  • UCSB LabRATS, whose goal is to help laboratories facilitate sustainable practices. 

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