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NanoStructures Cleanroom Facility

Tool sets and processes complement research in the chemical and biological nanostructures labs enabling unique capabilities in the pursuit of controlling and manipulating materials at the nanoscale.
Access Procedure: 

Please contact Rachel Schoeppner for access procedure.


  1. AIXTRON Black Magic PECVD System

    Highly flexible thermal or plasma enhanced CVD system capable of carbon nanotube, nanofiber, and graphene deposition.

  2. Bruker DektakXT Stylus Profilometer

    Advanced thin and thick film step height measurement tool.

  3. Organic PhotoVoltaic Device Manufacturing System

    Complete processing in inert/dry atmosphere

  4. SEKI Diamond CVD

    Highest quality Diamond films with or without Nitrogen Doping

  5. Sentro Tech High Temp Box Furnace
    • 1700C capability
    • Inert Gas purge
    • MoSi2 Heating Elements
  6. Suss MicroTec MA6 Aligner
  7. Wet Processing

    5 benches