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Surface Processes, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy and Hydrology

Surface process, sedimentologic, and hydrologic research at UCSB uses advanced field and lab techniques to explore processes, rates, and controls of erosion and deposition, interpretation of the stratigraphic record, and the flow of fluids in response to interactions of climate, tectonics, and the land surface.


  1. CILAS 1190 Laser-particle size analyzer

    The laser particle size analyzer is able to measure the grain-size of unconsolidated materials ranging in size from 0.04 to 2500 microns in a liquid slurry.

  2. Cosmogenic RadioNuclide (CRN) Target Preparation Facility

    State-of-the-art sample preparation facility for the extraction and purification of Be and Al from rocks, sediments and soils for cosmogenic analysis.

    Access available to the following:
  3. Edgetech 216S portable sub-bottom profiling system

    "Chirp" - shallow marine seismic system capable of collecting high-resolution seismic data (with resolution at approximately the decimeter scale) penetrating to depths of almost 20 meters. It is used to image the shallow subsurface in marine, estuarine or lacustrine settings.

  4. Geodesy and surveying (bunch of instruments with no details)

    Riegl Z420i Terrestrial laser scanner, survey-grade Topcon HiPer Lite and  Trimble GPS 4700s, handheld GeoXHs, laser rangers, and Junos for surveying and recording geomorphic and stratigraphic features at cm to mm levels

  5. Jetcraft Aluminum 2125 Landingcraft

    Trailerable 20-foot research vessel used to collect shallow cores and seismic data in inland and coastal bays and estuaries.

  6. Jon boat and vibracore raft

    Used to collect shallow (<4m) cores in water depths of a few inches to a couple feet in the upper reaches of bays and estuaries or other shallow inland waters.

  7. Sensors and Software PulseEKKO Pro Ground Penetrating Radar with 100 and 200 MHZ Antennas

    GPR used to image the shallow subsurface (<5m) in terrestrial settings.

  8. Track-mounted 7822 DT Geoprobe

    This hammer-based coring device is capable of collecting 1-inch or 2-inch diameter cores in 5 foot sections to depths of up to 100 feet. It is used to collect sediment samples from shallow Quaternary deposits