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Analytical Lab

The MSI Analytical Laboratory is a facility established in 1977 that performs chemical analysis in support of the research community. The services offered include Seawater nutrients and Elemental (CHN) analysis. Simultaneous determination of the carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen content in solid materials. The MSI Analytical Lab will prepare samples for analysis including weighing and loading samples into tin capsules. Analysis of seawater samples for dissolved inorganic nutrients. We also have methodologies for analysis of other aqueous samples, such as fresh waters, estuarine waters, ground waters, and neutralized digests.


  1. Elemental Analyzers – CHN

    Our instruments determine organic carbon, hydrogen, and nitrogen by means of high-temperature (1000C) combustion (Dumas method) of microgram to milligram size samples in an oxygen-enriched helium atmosphere.

  2. Flow Injection Analysis – Nutrients

    Flow injection analysis (FIA) is a continuous-flow technique for automated wet-chemical analysis.