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STED Super Resolution Microscope

Make / Model : 
Abberior Instruments Facility Line

This microscope uses Stimulated Emission Depletion to capture super resolution images with as fine of resolution as 20-30 nm, which is a huge improvement compared to the typical resolution limitation of 200-300 nm with a normal confocal microscope. It is compatible with fixed and live samples and sample prep is similar to confocal. Certain fluorophores work better for STED than others, so be sure to consult with the facility director for help planning your sample preparation.

The microscope is equipped with 5 excitation laser lines (405, 440, 485, 561, and 640 nm), two STED lasers (595 and 775 nm). There are four objective lenses: 10x and 20x air, 60x water, and 60x oil. There is a special Matrix detector for reduced background along with 3 high-sensitivity APD detectors all with full spectral detection bands from 400-800 nm. There is an adaptive optics system for clear imaging deep into samples and a stage-top incubator for live samples.

Technical Primary Contact:
Ben Lopez