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Biological Nanostructures Laboratory - Analytical Core

The Biological NanoStructures Lab (BNL) is a 1600 square foot shared multi-user environment for biological synthesis and analysis. Instrumentation for molecular biology, recombinant protein expression, purification & analysis and tissue culture will be available on a recharge basis.

The Analytical core of BNL houses a variety of analytical instruments for use by trained users. Some basic molecular biology equipment are also available for use.

Access available to the following: 
Access Procedure: 
Trained users will have keycard access to the lab and will be able to book and use the analytical instruments. For ease of management, molecular biology instruments located in the BNL are also part of the Analytical core. Researchers can also engage BNL staff to perform basic molecular biological experiments such as recombinant protein expression. Cost will be on a project-by-project basis and will include staff man-hours, materials used and instrument recharges.
Steps to Use Equipment
  1. Contact BNL staff to get trained on the instrument.
  2. Apply to CNSI for electronic door access to the facility.
  3. BNL Staff will add you to the FBS reservation system.



  1. Conductivity / pH Meter »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Fisherbrand accumet AB200 pH/conductivity meter combines the benefits of a pH meter and conductivity meter in one easy to use, reliable measurement system.

  2. GE Biacore 3000 Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR) »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    The BIACore 3000 allows researchers to perform label-free binding and/or kinetic experiments on biomolecules using surface plasmon resonance.

  3. Malvern NanoSight NS300 »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Nanoparticle characterization tool that precisely measures size distribution and concentration of particles suspended in solution using nanoparticle tracking analysis.

  4. Malvern Zetasizer Nano ZS »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    The Zetasizer Nano ZS is an instrument from Malvern that measures size and zeta potential of small particles suspended in solution.

  5. Milli-Q Advantage A10 Water System »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Milli-Q water at a resistivity of 18.2 mΩ.cm and 3 ppb.

  6. MiSonix Ultra Sonicator »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Digital sonicating probe, 200 ul minimum volume for ultrasonic liquid processing.

  7. New Brunswick Innova 44R Shakers »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Two large volume temperature-controlled orbital shakers with adjustable speeds.

  8. Other Analytical Core Instruments »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Additional measurement, molecular biology and biochemistry tools available for use with daily recharge.

  9. Shimadzu UV-1800 UV-Vis Spectrophotometer »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    The UV-1800 has a wavelength range of 190 - 1100 nm with exceptional precision.

  10. Sorvall Legend RT Plus Centrifuge »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Swinging bucket rotor for 15 and 50 ml, and multiwell plates

  11. Sorvall RC6 Plus High Speed Centrifuge »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    Rotors for volumes 1.5 - 500 ml, maximum RCF 48,000 x g

  12. Tecan M220 Plate Reader »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    The Tecan M220 Plate Reader is able to take fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance readings from standard size plates with any well configurations.

  13. Tecan Spark 10M Multimode Plate Reader »
    Campus Gov't/Academic Industry

    The Tecan Spark is a versatile microplate reader, capable of measuring fluorescence, absorbance, and luminescence, as well as cell confluency and cell number.