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X-Ray Analytical Facility

Located in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry room 4608 PSB-N, the X-ray lab has the instrumentation to perform small-molecule single-crystal and powder-diffraction experiment.
Access Procedure: 

To schedule an experiment, users should contact the lab staff.  Periodically, the X-ray lab organizes group training in instrument operation and data analysis.  Individual training is also available upon request.  

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  1. 2-D Powder X-Ray Diffraction

    2-D X-Ray Diffraction and Scattering

  2. Kappa Apex II Diffractometer

    Chemical Crystallography provides very fast and precise data collection and structure determination.

  3. Powder Diffraction

    Powder diffraction for the characterization of various properties such as particle size, strain, and stress of polycrystalline samples.

  4. Proteum Diffractometer

    Biological Crystallography provides data collection from protein crystals or other biological samples.