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HP Opteron (lattice)

Instrument types
Allowed Users
Highly Parallel (MPI jobs of 10's of cores, e.g. 48 core)
The head node, rack, RAID disks, etc. have all been provided by CNSI - researchers who want to use this cluster need only buy compute nodes - thus all of your money is going to computing power, not cluster infrastructure. Contact Paul Weakliem for details on how to participate.
Technical Details
This cluster is based on HP DL145 Opterons (2218's, 2.6Ghz) with a Myrinet2k high speed, low latency interconnect. Each node has 8Gb of RAM and 80 Gb of local disk space.
Newer nodes are HP DL165 Opterons (2380's, 2.5Ghz) with Myrinet2k interconnect and 250 Gb of local disk.
Technical Primary Contact:
Paul Weakliem