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Develop Wet Benches (3)

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The facility contains 3 polypropylene Developing Benches for photolithographic development using TMAH / TEAH / KOH based developers. All is actively neutralized. The benches consist of two sinks with DI water hook ups and industrial water plenum flushes. Laminar flow fume hoods with hepa filtration. Nitrogen guns are also on both sides of the bench for drying samples. Digital hotplates are included for resist post exposure bakes or post develop hard bakes. POLOS spray puddle develop etch systems are included in the benches. All processes are done in user-supplied glassware. Two people may use the bench at a time and protective gear such as proper gloves must be used. Developers supplied by the laboratory include: AZ300MIF (0.26N TMAH developer), MF701 (0.24N TMAH developer), AZ400K (KOH based developer), pre-diluted AZ400K:DI 1:4. Other developers should be OK'd by laboratory staff prior to use in the laboratory.


Detailed Specifications:

  • 2 Sinks, DI water
  • 2 Nitrogen guns for sample drying
  • Class 100
  • Hot plates for post bakes
  • POLOS Spray-Puddle-Develop-Rinse-Dry systems


Technical Primary Contact:
Aidan Hopkins

Access Procedure: 
For additional information regarding the Develop Wet Benches or if you would like to inquire about using the UCSB Nanofabrication Facility, please contact Aidan Hopkins.