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Electron-Beam Evaporation System (E-Beam 3)

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This electron-beam evaporation system is the work-horse of the lab for metal deposition. The system has the unique feature of a home-built load-lock system that allows very quick cycle time for evaporation (as low as 20 minutes total time). The system also has two 4-pocket e-beam sources and an Inficon IC/5 deposition controller that allows for co-deposition of certain metals. The front gun contains metals Ti, Pt, Ni, Au and the back gun contains metals Pd, Al, Ag, Ge. These metals stay under high vacuum at all times, except during maintenance, to maintain source purity. One wafer up to 4” diameter or multiple pieces can be placed into this system for evaporation. There is also a special fixture that can be inserted for angling and/or rotating the sample during deposition. This system is used for n-type ohmic contact metalization to compound semiconductors, Schottky contacts to semiconductors, bond pads, and other general metalizations. The maximum deposition thickness during a run is limited to 1 micron.

Technical Primary Contact:
Don Freeborn

Access Procedure: 

Contact Tom Reynolds to find out more about access and training for the Nanofabrication Facility.