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Finetech Flip-Chip Bonder

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The Finetech Fineplacer Lambda tool is designed for flip-chip bonding of two parts with an alignment accuracy of about 0.5um. The system is a semiautomatic bonder with full computer control of the bonding parameters and an integrated side-camera system for observation during the bond. Sample sizes as small as 500um on a side to as large as 50mm on a side can be accommodated. Forces from as small as 0.3N to as large as 500N can be applied to the parts. Bonding temperatures up to 400C are possible. The system also has a formic acid module (reduced atmosphere environment) that is used to prevent oxide formation during heated indium bonding.

Technical Primary Contact:
Tony Bosch

Access Procedure: 

Contact Tom Reynolds to find out more about access and training for the Nanofabrication Facility.