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Kappa Apex II Diffactrometer

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Kappa Apex II
Chemical Crystallography: The new Kappa Apex II single-crystal diffraction system integrates the most sensitive and fastest CCD detector and Mo fine focus sealed tube with TRIUMPH monochromator. This combination can provide very fast and precise 
data collection and structure determination. It can collect decent diffraction intensity data from crystal having size as small as 20 microns. The system is also equipped with Oxford Cryostream-Plus, which can perform temperature-dependent measurement from 80K to 500K. The 4-axis diffractometer allows identification of crystal faces, oriented X-ray scan and other analyses. 
Technical Primary Contact:
Guang Wu

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To schedule an experiment, users should contact the lab staff.  Periodically, the X-ray lab organizes group training in instrument operation and data analysis.  Individual training is also available upon request.  

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