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Spectral Confocal Microscope

Instrument types
Make / Model : 
Olympus Fluoview 1000

System details:

  • 4 confocal PMT Detectors (photomultiplier tubes)
    • 2 detectors had with Spectral Detectors with 100nm max bandwidth and 2nm resolution
    • 2 conventional filter detectors
  • A transmitted light detector
  • 6 laser lines for excitation
  • 405nm 50mW diode
  • 440nm 25mW diode
  • 488nm 10mW Argon gas
  • 515nm 10mW Argon gas
  • 559nm 12mW pumped diode
  • 635nm 20mW diode
  • 10X and 20X air
  • 40X and 60X high refractive index oil
  • 30X and 60X silicon oil for imaging aqueous specimens
  • DAPI Like - Narrow UV EX360-370, DM400, EM420-460 U-MNIBA3(F)
  • CFP like -WIDE BV CUBE, EX400-440,DM455, EM475(U-MWBV2(F))
  • GFP/FITC like- NARROW IF BLUE CUBE, EX470-490, DM505,EM510-50 BAND (U-MNIBA3(F))
  • RFP/TRITC like-WIDE IF GREEN CUBE,EX520-550,DM565, EM580IF(U-MWIG3(F))
  • 6 objectives standard in the turret
  • Fluorescence cubes for visualization (not used for imaging)
  • DIC–Differential Interference Contrast using transmitted light
  • DIC 10x, 20x, 40x, 60x prisms and U-DICTS slider
  • Prior Scanning Stage
  • Enclosure WeatherStation Temp, CO2 and Prior Stage Compatible with Cooling Module


Technical Primary Contact:
Ben Lopez